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Maybe I'm in the market for a new mic, and a friend of mine just bought two Aston Origins. These seem to slightly differ from the spirit ones. Logical, it's a different beast. Anyway these sound good as I know now, but how do you guys feel about the Spirit? Is it worth the money? I have a RODE Nt1a right now, but am not to happy about it - to harsh. To much aggregated highs.

Hope to hear from you guys and girls around here.

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pcrecord Tue, 06/25/2019 - 06:39

Hi Miyaru,
I don't own any of those mics but I heard alot of good things about them.
The question you should be asking yourself is what is missing in your mic arsenal.
The origin is said to be cleaner than the spirit which is more colored.
Also the spirit is a multi-patern mic, having a figure of 8 mic is a good addition if you don't have one
You see you may not need any of them depending on what you already own.. or both could be wrong choices..
Let say, I want to mic high frequency agressive sources, some guitar amps or violins or trompets etc.. I'd probably want to go with a dynamic mic instead or a condenser that thame them a bit, like the mini K47 or other mics with the same capsule ;)

So what are you looking for precisely ?

pcrecord Tue, 06/25/2019 - 10:24

Reading you have a nice selection already, that's great.
I think the Spirit can be a nice addition.. If only you could find a supplier that allows returns, you could buy with more confidence.
All the mics I own found their purpose, combine with the right preamp an placement. Sometime their used became different that they were planned to when I bought them..

Other things to consider is the timber of the vocal itself and the music style.
If you get some nazal vocal, again the Mini K47 is a surprisingly good choice for less money.

Around the same price of the Spirit, there is 2 other choices that you might want to consider :

pcrecord Wed, 06/26/2019 - 05:08

My goto for female vocales is my DIY T12 (from with my UA LA-610
The T12 gives some airy HF presence which is well rounded by the LA-610 tubes. The combinaison gives a versatile somewhat pop sound.
I also made a DIY T47 from the same supplier. The T47 has less HF and suite nazal voices well and can also sounds a bit retro.

If I want to have a more transparent sound I'll use one of my KSM 44. They sound close to the 414 but with a bit sweeter HF. (depends on the version of the 414 of course)
Good choice for those without highend preamps..

I also get good results with a simple SM57 and an ISA preamp.. It all depends the source and your goal ;)

pcrecord Wed, 06/26/2019 - 11:20

miyaru, post: 461319, member: 49780 wrote: I looked in tothe DIY road too, but I'm not good enough with the iron to do so.

The other obstacle people get is to find parts and designs but with you get everything you need + a color booklet instructions..
If you could get better at soldering, they were very easy to build ;)

There's also the used market if you get a trusted source..