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I've been going through the mics that arrived while I was away, and one mic, I don't think people will like, but a couple that are quite cheap and very good!

I'm working on another video warning people that sometimes mics from China can be simply awful, and how price means little sometimes. I'll have that one done in a day or two, spare work time permitting.


paulears Thu, 02/16/2023 - 06:22
I sold the Chinese mics, for less than I paid on ebay, and they've got new homes. I described them accurately - like U87 style mic, sounds awful and no good whatsoever, but has a good housing and shock mount for experimenters. People seem very happy - and the Seeknature owner I think will get good use from it. One of the U87s got delivered by UPS of course - instead of a standard house, they delivered it to ........ A huge Amazon warehouse, and then told me I can't even claim, Ebay have to as I used their UPS postage facility!!!!! I'm a 3rd party so can't instigate a complaint - as I had to refund the buyer in full, as it wasn't;t his fault, ebays side of things is close, with no complain facility?