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Hello guys!

I have this problem with recording vocals. I use the RODE NT1A condenser mic and a Behringer Xenyx x1222 as a sound card trying to record on my laptop's DAW (Logic X Pro). The singer I recording with has a really powerful voice with very rich and strong low and high notes.

The problem here is that the microphone does not capture the full range of her voice and the mic sounds high pitched. It cuts the low frequencies and I can't hear the rich sound that I normally hear when she is actually singing live. Any ideas?


paulears Tue, 10/08/2019 - 03:52

We need to hear it to comment?

Stupid things to check are that she was singing into the correct side of the mic, and was in the right place. A voice that sounds warm and pleasant with lips on the basket of an SM58 won't sound remotely the same 6" away from a condenser with a popper stopper between, so if she uses proximity effect to get the voice, then it will be tricky. I think it was 80s singer Sade who recorded with an SM58 in the studio for exactly these reasons - she needed the dynamic close in to get the voice.


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