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Not in a monetary sense, more of a quality sense. I just found them and remembered that they were given to me a looooong time ago (long enough that I've forgotten) by my brother. He got them in some weird/shady trade or something.

None the less, nothing of the online research has been favorable so far, so I thought I'd ask about them here.

They are:

Shure PG48
Audio-Technica DR-VX1 (Digital Reference)
AKG D130

I don't have time tonight to fool around with them. It'll have to be Sunday or Monday. Any light that you guys can shed would rock.



bent Fri, 01/25/2008 - 19:45

You can record scratch tracks with them.

Or, experiment.

Lots of mics come in handy on sources you wouldn't normally consider.

The PG is your run of the mill el cheap-o handheld, occasionally found in dark, dirty, el cheap-o nightclubs and bars.

The D130 reminds me of something else. I used to record overheads with old EV635's, cause it was all the band had. Not horrible, but I wouldn't do it again. Times have changed...

I don't know anything about the AT you mentioned.

Are these mics you have worth anything?
They were probably valuable to whoever they were stolen from...

sshack Sun, 01/27/2008 - 19:31

Funny you say that Ben...I think what had happened was a friend of my brother was busted for drugs and went to prison. At the time he also owed my brother some money (imagine that) so in that he couldn't pay up, he just gave my brother a bunch of gear. Most of it was around the quality of what I've listed here.

I'll fool around with them a little, but my expectations aren't high.

Thanks for the replies though.