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3 mic setup

Proably Noob Question: Phasing with 3 mics recording congas

I've been recording a set of congas with 2 matched dynamic mics X-Y and then a 3rd PZM mic 5 feet away mounted on a wall.

When I listen to the X-Y pair they sound fine. When I listen to the PZM room mic it sounds fine.

But when I listen to all 3 there is an unmistakable 'phasing' problem. But simply hitting the 'phase' button in my DAW only -partially- helps. I mean it's better, but it still sounds a bit 'phasey'.

OK, so what does one do if one mic is like 45 degrees out of phase (I just made that up)? Is this a placement issue?

I just found 3 mics in my closet...are they worth anything?

Not in a monetary sense, more of a quality sense. I just found them and remembered that they were given to me a looooong time ago (long enough that I've forgotten) by my brother. He got them in some weird/shady trade or something.

None the less, nothing of the online research has been favorable so far, so I thought I'd ask about them here.

They are:

Shure PG48
Audio-Technica DR-VX1 (Digital Reference)
AKG D130

3 mics at hand

Hi, I have 3 mics at hand, and i was just wondering how to put them to good use. It'd be nice if you guys could tell me like "oh this one is good for recording guitar amps or that one is good for the snare..."
you guys get the idea, i'm just starting off and these are my dad's mics.
these are the mics:

1- Superlux PRA-218A

2- Sennheiser 3K-U

3- Shure Beta 58A


Have 3 mics, which is best for this app.

Ok hello agian,

I just got 3 mics from my dads friend at Shure Mic. Co.

I got a

Beta 57A

I know most of the app. for these mic's but I was wondering which would be the best for recording our practice jams.
Can I just put one of these on a mic stand in the middle of the room to just record when we jam, so we have ideas down and can listen to playback. It doesnt have to be perfect or anything.

I will run the mic directly into my soundcard on my pc.

panning 3 mic drums

ok, i've started doing the fletcher-esque 3 mic drum kit thang, but i'm not entirely sure how to pan it.

specificaly, the snare always is [kinda obviously] louder in one channel.

as i'm also doing this with a Royer stereo ribbon, this is also an issue with this mic. where do you put a stereo mic over a kit? and how do you deal with lopsided volume [mainly snare]?