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I received these microphones with some other equipment I purchased and they all seem to have a ring where model information once was present and was wondering if there might be someone out there who could identify the Manufacturer/Model? The case they came in was not made for microphones which was I initially checked and not sure if it may be relevant in identification but there were 6 in the case all which appear to be identical. I have attached photos, let me know if any other photos may help. Thanks for any help guys!


dvdhawk Tue, 12/13/2016 - 18:15

You're probably right on that and that would explain why someone removed the label band, thinking it would improve their value.

I worked at an independent Radio Shack dealer (not a company store) right out of high school, and the mics they had at the time were mostly made by someone else and relabeled. Many of them were made by Shure, the Soundgrabbers were Crown PZMs, some were Taiwanese look-alikes. For a year or two, they also sold a relabeled Moog keyboard that I wish I still had.

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