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Neumann M147 tube + Avalon 737sp
Neumann u87 + Vintech X73i
Neumann M147 tube + Vintech X73i
Neumann u87 + Avalon 737sp

...that would be your choice?
:) thanks


DonnyThompson Thu, 04/09/2015 - 23:40

Again.... impossible to say. First of all, all the pieces you've mentioned are of high quality and are widely respected for their sonics. The second reason - and main reason - is that it's all about the context of how they are used, and with whom they are used.

What might sound great on one performer/instrument/track/song might not sound "quite as right" on another. It's totally song/performer/vibe dependent.

There are some things that you can count on - anytime you are using anything with tubes, you know that it will have a different sonic character than a piece that isn't tube-based, but that's not to say that one will necessarily sound better than the other - just different.

You can always hedge your bets, and get the best gear that you can, which will always insure a certain level of quality. But... beyond that, it's impossible to say that one of those combinations is going to be any better than the other without considering the context of its use... The choice should be dictated on what you are using it for, whom you are using it on, and what the song calls for.
For example, I have a pretty nice mic pre, an ADK AP1 which allows me to swap out various input and output transformers to achieve different tonal character.

But... it also depends a lot on the mic, and the source that I am recording. For as much as I love the pre, I don't use it for everything I record. There are times that I am looking for a higher level of transparency, something that sounds "cleaner" than what transformers are known to provide. I make the choice based on the context.

You seem to have quite a bit of sonic coloration options already available to you - have you considered adding an ultra transparent mic pre to round out your sonic choices?

Perhaps something like a Grace or Millennia?

pcrecord Fri, 04/10/2015 - 04:17

@Vitalie Andries : There is no such thing as the perfect recipe for every job, every voice, every environment, every musical style and every tastes.
You may want confirmation of what you do and use is the best but I say if it sounds good to you, it is the best. You're very lucky to have all that gear (U87 and vintech; surely something to do with these)

At this point of quality gear, no gear is better, it's only different and aim for different sounds. If I'm painting and I don't like reds, I just don't buy red paint..
You have to build an educated decision process that help you choose what to use by listening to the voice you are recording. I woun't put a U87 on a screamer, no no... I'd rather use a sm57 and not break anything ! ;)