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Im putting together a home studio and already picked out everything that Im getting. For mics Im gonna start my future collection with a Shure SM58 and Beta 58, but I know eventually Im going to want some condensers as well. So, I was wondering if you had to pick between the AT4040 or Bluebird, which would you pick?

I record rap/hip hop music, and just vocals for now, no instrument Micing necessary yet. They are about the same price and I noticed that the AT4040 has the high pass filter switch, and I told myself I want that feature when I decide to get a condensor. I didnt see anything that said the Bluebird has the bass cut/high pass filter switch. Ive heard great reviews about the Bluebird though, but I guess I can say the same for the AT4040. What do you guys think?

I prefer a clear, crisp vocal, and need the mic that will be more effective at catching more frequencies of the vocals and less of background noise(yes i know condensers do this a lot more than dynamics). Which do you guys feel is the better sounding mic in general? Pros and cons of both?

It will be ran though a FocusRite Scarlett 2i2 USB Interface/Preamp, and into a Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop i3 processor n 6gb RAM. The bedroom studio will have some ProSoundFoam.


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