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Hi all.
I'm looking at powered amplifiers and think that the Alesis amps are a good choice for my home studio (for audio post-production). I've worked with the RA100 some, so I know it pretty well and know more or less what I am getting into with it. Though it looks like I would have to buy a used one. The other option is either an RA-150 or maybe to go out on a limb and go for the 300 (The 500 is probably too much for me). The likely monitor combination would be the Alesis Monitor one, or monitor one MKII. I have worked with the monitor one with the RA100 and liked the combination. Anyone with experience with these amps and/or with these monitor combinations?

Basically to me the RA100 is a solid piece of equipment, and the RA150 (and the 300 for that matter), look like they have a lot of plastic on them.


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anonymous Thu, 08/18/2005 - 00:45

i actually like the 500 i bought recently (both it's sound and the lack of noise from any fans) better than the qsc 1450 i had before it. it's REALLY quiet and sounds really great. i was really impressed and didn't expect too much. i'm really satisfied with mine. one thing about power amps is that it is better to have more power than to underpower your monitors : )