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Is anyone familiar with this box? I've heard many good things about it, but finding one seems harder than finding a condom in a convent, y'know? I guess Sony discontinued it when they came out with the DRE-777, is that right? Any info would be appreciated.


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mixfactory Thu, 01/10/2002 - 22:57

Yeah, its a good effects processor. Its kind of the greatest hits from the DPS line(R7,M7,D7,F7). I think you can still find them though new, but they are a little expensive compared to other stuff out there right now. The Sony "7" series are some of my personal favorite effect processors(M7 and R7 especially). I think the individual effect processors by themselves sound a little better than the DPS-V77, but the benefit is the digital ins and outs.

Guest Sat, 01/12/2002 - 02:32

WOW! Jump at one if you see one!

1) They are not that hip, you rarely read about them or see them in studio photos

2) They are Sony and made in Japan?

Those two might be the reason they are so cheap there.. WOW get several.. very cool!

I would say they have a much more expencive and lush, sounding reverb..Less metalic.