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Sony/Sigma SS-302 Mixer.

I have a 3 channel mixer as per the title and have tried contacting Sony for information but to no avail, the response was that any item 7 years after production has ceased they cannot support (built in obsolescence).

Does any one have a User Manual or Service Manual for this Mixer (obviously any expenses incurred within reason I will foot), even a copy would be great.

Also does any one know where I can get hold of a power connector for the mixer.

Please have a search in your archives.

Feeling Like A Washed Up Dork - Help With Sony PCM-2600 DAT

I've been out of it too long. There, I admit it.

I've unearthed my Sony PCM-2600 DAT machine and decided to archive all my old mixes to my mac. All was going well. I finished with a DAT and had dinner.

I came back, stuck a different tape in, hit play and nothing came out. The meters did not light up, either. I tried several other tapes. Same thing. So, I put in the one I already did, knowing full well that it's a good tape. Nothing!

I have fussed and fussed and cannot get audio to play, despite the transport working fine, etc..

MTS to Premiere Pro-Transcode Sony PJ580V MTS to Premiere Pro on Mac with 5.1 channel

Edit Sony PJ580V MTS in Premiere Pro on Mac with Sony AVCHD Converter in Dolby Digital 5.1 channel

Summary: In this article, you will know how to transcode Sony PJ580V MTS to Premiere Pro CS5.5 with [=" Sony AVCHD to WMV Converter[/]="http://www.pavtube… Sony AVCHD to WMV Converter[/] in Dolby Digital 5.1 Mac.

Ambient Sound Recording w/Canon 5DIII -Sony vs. Marantz

Hi. I just bought a new Canon EOS 5DIII and am setting it up for video. I want to do some short nature/wildlife video clips and capture the ambient sound as best possible.

My two choices would be to use either a Sony PCM-D1 and use it's internal mic, or a Marantz PMD661 with a Audio-Technica BP4025 External Mic. For headphones it would be either the Sony MDR-7520 or Sennheiser HD 25-1 II.

Any comments on the Sony/Marantz-AudioTechnica comparison?

How to Make a DDP From My Sony Architect 5.2 File?


Hey, I've done some small time mastering for some local bands and friends and have delivered the masters in CDR format but now I'm thinking of expanding and trying to get some internet global business. I realize that a lot of clients will ask for DDP images but I really don't know that much about it. I don't have a MAC so it doesn't look like I can get Wave Editor (the cheap option which I hear great things about). How about Sonoris for roughly $250? Does the same job but for PC?

What's the best way to use good, balanced mics with Sony PCM-D50?


Hi all.

This has probably been beaten to death, but I started wading through a couple of the stickies and gave up.

I bought a Sony PCM-D50 recorder because of its limiter (which works by recording at two levels simultaneously), thinking it would be handy for film & video (my primary uses). The problem is that it only has a crappy 1/8" stereo input. This input does have a switch for mic vs. line usage.


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