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Well.. Not sure where to post this one .. but seeing that its a Child of Sonar...

I was looking for an easy DAW that my daughter could Use .. Ran around the net trying lite versions of a number of products...

Anyhow, wound up downloading Music Creator 7 ... it was $28.00 CDN directly from Cakewalk...

Anyhow it makes for a great little scratchpad when you don't want to run up the studio.. Nicely featured as well ... It has a limited amount of tracks you can record con-currently and is limited to a maximum sample rate of 48 kHz... But it is very feature rich for $28.00 ( I think it's like 20.00 US) ..

besides... I can fly the tracks over into SONAR later .

So for those that are PC based and need a quick and dirty DAW Platform ... This seems to work pretty well ..

Grant you there are other products out there that are inexpensive as well (Reaper for instance). But Music Creator is pretty nice package for the price..


Guelph_Guy Fri, 10/09/2015 - 07:30

pcrecord, post: 432923, member: 46460 wrote: I tried a trial many years ago, it was ok.. End up buy Sonar..
On the affordable side there's also Magix :

I had also tried music creator it a few years ago , but didn't follow through with buying it as it only supported 2 channels concurrently for recording... Back then it was like at $20.00 Us and 8 concurrent channels I think that's pretty good value. I messed with it till 3:00 AM and was quite surprised how well, it works.

I've not tried the Magix Software but did see it on the net while I was running around.. What drove me to music creator 7 was the price and that it could finally record more then a stereo pair..