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Alright. You guys were incredibly helpful with the first song I posted, thanks for that!

This is an intimate song featuring acoustic guitar, piano, cello, guitar, claps and bass.

Mix style: Acoustic panned hard left, piano panned hard right. Vocal nice and upfront up the middle. I tried to capture an intimate coffee house style of performance. A short slap verb on the vocal and a mid sized plate verb on the cello. Otherwise dry as a bone. I purposely went for a very dynamic mix. Lots of variance between soft and loud sections.

What are your thoughts with the guitar left and piano right? It's hard to create a balanced relationship both in frequency and volume without the ear being pulled one way or the other. I have just a subtle hint of compression on the piano and guitar.

Would love your thoughts, ideas and input from your incredible bunch of professionals.



Attached files 21 Days - April 6.2017.mp3 (6.5 MB) 


pcrecord Sat, 04/08/2017 - 06:20

Nice song and recording !!
I think it's a bit dark, you don't have much going on in the upper frequencies (guitar and piano).
I'd like to hear the cello not far away (not louder, just not so far in the reverb), but it's just my taste.
The piano could swith to higher notes further in the song, it would add to diversity and build up (again just taste)

Performance and emotion are there ! Good job !
Keep sharing, I like it ;)

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