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hi everyone, i have an isp decimator g pro rack guitar version, for my marshall 9200, jmp1, jfx 1 configuration i would need the stereo mod version, i tried to look for used ones, but i couldn't find any. Opening the frame of my decimator I noticed that there is the possibility to convert it from guitar to stereo and vice versa. At the top left is indicated a legend of the position of the components that must be added or removed according to the version to be obtained, the problem that the values of the individual components are not described. Now I would like to ask some of you if they were so nice and had a stereo version and be able to take pictures of them in order to do the decimator conversion. Thanks so much


andrex88 Mon, 06/14/2021 - 13:25
unfortunately no, I tried to contact ISP but they didn't help me they don't want to share the schematics, I thought if someone in the forum had a stereo version and had the patience to take some pictures inside the pcb and check the resistance values and capacitors needed for the stereo version would be very easy.

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