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i'm in the process of shopping for an external converter. My budget is under $2000. (lavrys are too expensive for me right now, myteks - i don't want to run into customer service type of issues if ever i have problems in the future) so my choice kinda boiled down to either rosetta 200 or RME ADI-2. rosetta is $1800 whereas RME ADI2 is $700. Opinionsas to the quality of conversion + internal clocks of those two devices? Is rosetta 200 worth the $1000 extra? i.e. are those 2 converters very close in quality or is the Rosetta really a step up from the RME?

by the way, i wanna invest in a good quality converter, one that I won't have to change/upgrade for quiet a few years.

(my applications is voice-overs - commercials, cartoons, etc) I don't need a preamp, already have a very good one.

thank you for any advice



Jonesey Wed, 05/09/2007 - 16:02

good question. i'm looking for a good 2 channel converter also. You would think with such a big price difference there would be significant differences in sound. Curious to the reponses you get. I don't like to buy twice so my money would be on the apogee. The best bet would to buy both and send one back.

anonymous Sun, 10/28/2007 - 11:49

I can't remember where, but I found an AB test type thing online once between a Rosetta 800 and an RME FIREFACE 800. The Fireface sounded considerably more open and natural, whereas the Rosetta was a little more colored (though it wasn't a bad color by ANY means.)

The RME ADI range should be of higher quality than the fireface so I'd assume that my opinion would be that the ADI 2 would be a better unit, especially with such a large price difference.

I'm looking for a dealer who has an ADI 8 in stock so I can give it a whirl. If that happens in the near future I'll be sure to head back over here!