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We've got a Yamaha 01v96 w/ a 16 channel IO expansion card and 8 channels built in.

We just got an Alesis HD24 and want to connect using the optical ins/outs. According to Alesis we do out from the HD24 to the in of the 01V and out from 01V to in on HD24. So, for 1-8 we have an in from HD24 and out to 01V. Same for 9-16 and 17-24.

When I setup the HD24 though I am getting a "Tracks not Armed", which I am taking as meaning that it isn't getting anything from the board. So, I guess I have to tell the optical out which channels I want export?

Does anyone know where to do this on the board and how to get to that spot?

I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you have any questions.


anonymous Thu, 03/16/2006 - 07:53


Yes it does show up. Currently we have two Prosonus DigiMax 8-channel pre-amps connected optically to the board via the MY16AT. Then, we have one of the outs on the board sending to HEAR Tech's in ear monitors. The standard 8 channel optical in/out is open.

My preference is to switch the pre-amps from optical to some other type of connection, however we'd need 16 channels. Then, move the hear to something else as well if possible.

I think maybe we've outgrown our board though, at least for what we want to do. In order to have 24 channels sent to the recorder, we'd have to have all the digital outs/ins open.

I may be technically in over my head here. =)

anonymous Thu, 03/16/2006 - 09:59 nevermind. We have to rethink all this anyways. Recording for us is a priority and it turns out that our current board really isn't going to help us do what we want with live sound as well as recording.

I just wish our audio reps would have mentioned this before we bought the recorder...Now they are saying we'll need to get a different board, even though this one is only a year or two old.

cfaalm Thu, 03/16/2006 - 13:12

You have a 32 channel-faders and 24 i/o ADAT channels. The 01v96 would be able to send 24 channels to your HD24 easily since you got the MY16AT and a Presonus Digimax. I guess you'd only need one though, unless it has to be all XLR inputs.

Relax for a minute and think it through. 8)

Suppose you use one Digimax which will give you 20 XLR inputs and 4 line inputs. That's OK because you'll need 4 line inputs for a keyboard player.

Make an input patch that will hook up all native AD converters to the corresponding channels 1 - 16. Then augment that patch with ADAT inputs 1 - 8 that you route to channels 17 - 24. Hook up the Digimax to the native ADAT input

Now you can make an output patch that delivers all channels to the corresponding ADAT outputs. So Channels 1 - 24 are on ADAT out 1 - 24. You use all your ADAT outs this way.

If you insist on 4 extra XLR inputs by using your second Digimax, you can hook it up on the second ADAT input and adjust you input patch accordingly. You will then use just 4 of your Digimax inputs. So you have a slight overkill. An RME quadmic would indeed be a cheaper solution.

If you sell your second Digimax though you'd lose money. I'd just keep it now. This way you'll have a backup if you need it. It doesn't eat any bread, does it? :wink: Plus you might want to use both of them at a certain point. The 01v96 can mix all these, it just can't output all 32 channels.

I don't know what a HEAR Tech in ear monitor is but if it's a stereo thing you can even make a separate monitormix that you can use during tracking. I use aux 1 and 2 for that. They are paired and pre fader.

There is also a yahoo group for the 01v96. You might want to make a pitstop there too.

And this is one of the many possibilities with the Yammie.

Rock on!

anonymous Fri, 03/17/2006 - 08:01


Wow, what you just said sounds really good, but I'm pretty lost. From what you said...we can get 24 channels out to the recorder, right?

If you wouldn't mind, can I e-mail you a diagram of how things are currently setup?

As an overview...

Alesis 01v96 w/ MY16AT

30 Channels of Mics/Instruments on Snake XLR Female --> 1-12 XLR ins on 01v96 -- 16-32 --> XLR in to Presonus DigiMaxes

01v96 Native Optical 1-8 ---- Free in and out
01v96 MY16AT Optical 9-16 Out --> HEAR Monitors
Presonus DigiMax 8-channel PreAmp Optical Out --> 01v96 9-16 (IN)
Presonus DigiMax 8-channel PreAmp Optical Out --> 01v96 17-24 (IN)

30 Channels of Mics/Instruments on Snake XLR Female --> 1-12 XLR ins on 01v96 -- 16-32 --> XLR in to Presonus DigiMaxes

Two Wireless Shure Microphones in on channels 15-16 TRS

So, are you saying I could take the line outs of my Presonus Pre's directly to the Recorder? Which would be 16 tracks. Then take 8 channels out of the board via the open opticals? We've actually got two optical outs open on the board, which would be 16.

On the HD24 do we have to take the signal back in from the HD24 to the baord? Or is that just for playback? I'm just way to confused and our audio rep doesn't really want to help us, they keep trying to get us to spend $8k on a new board.

anonymous Mon, 03/20/2006 - 07:15

I'll send you an e-mail here shortly with a diagram.

Also, an update...

I have figured out how to send channels on the 01v96. So, I currently have 16 channels being sent optically through two of the three optical outputs.

These I can patch as needed...

The third optical output is sending three AUXes and Guitar1, Guitar2, Bass, Piano through to the external monitors.

What happens here is those signals go to a processor which send the signals via CAT5 through to personalized monitors. The monitors have knobs on them that allow each person to control their monitor mix. So, they can turn down G2 and raise G1, Bass, Piano. Or they can turn everything down other than Piano, or whatever.

The AUX's are grouped. One of the AUX is keyboard/sax/organ. Another are all drum mics into on AUX. Another is Vocals.

So, the personal monitor has seven monitor volume knobs for....

AUX1 - Keyboard/Sax/Organ
Aux2 - Vocals
Aux3 - Drums
Guitar 1
Guitar 2

So, even if I split that Optical to two outputs (Which is possible). I'm losing three channels of recording since I'd be sending three useless AUXs.

I'm not sure if we can send those AUX signals and the four instruments via something else or not. I'll have to research the HEAR Technologies site a little.

In the meantime, since I've got 16 sent. I can use TRS cables to go out from our Presonus DigiMax Pre's into the recorder direct. Which will finalize our 24 tracks. The cool thing here is that the four instruments that are going out from the board on the monitor optical channels are available via the Pre-amps. So, I can take those four instruments out from the pre-amps. Then also take four additional ones out from the pre-amps.

So, I'll have 16 channels coming from the board optically and 8 coming from the pre-amps. =0

In theory it works..Trying it tonight. =)

The 16 out optically are working though, that is cool.. Just hoping the TRS plugs work well with the digital inputs. You don't know of an 8-channel analog to digital converter do you?