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If I were to get 2 RME Fireface 800 units would I be able to use an Apogee AD16x as the converters? Or would I need 2 seperate 8 channel units such as the Rosetta800?

Also, what is the ideal situation to use an Apogee AD16x to it's fullest potential?

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anonymous Mon, 09/06/2004 - 18:12

Why would you want to? To me, this is like buying two sets of converters when you only really want one.

Somebody else can chip in if I get something wrong, but each Fireface has 8 AD's and 8 DA's, PLUS ADAT I/O and Wordclock. (As well as some other things too that I'm sure I'm missing) The RME A/D/A is, from what I understand, top-notch and pretty close to Apogee's specwise (although it's all a personal issue and much up to debate obviously)

I think you need to decide what you want, RME or Apogee A/D/A's. If you're going for an all-in-one solution or price is a factor, get the RME.

If your heart is set on Apogee A/D/A converters, then get either the AD16X or the Rosetta 800. From what I can understand, they are both identical except for the fact that the AD16X is ONLY Analog to Digital. This means that you only will have 16 converters going INTO your computer. If you want outs as well, you'd need something in addition to this, like a DA16X if you want/need that many outs.

The Rosetta 800 is 8 ins AND 8 outs. It all depends on what you need in your converter.

Bear in mind that if you want the Apogee and want Firewire support, they have an add-on card for all their products. The RME has this built-in, as well as both ins and outs.

It's all about cost vs. features and ultimately what you want out of your converters.

Hope this helps.


anonymous Mon, 09/06/2004 - 20:47

I just figured everything out...I finally understand how to use the multipin connectors with the AD16x and DA16x. All I need is a digital 16 channel soundcard that has the Dsub connectors, and the Lynx AES16 seems to be a great candidate.

console->AD16x->Lynx AES16
Lynx AES16->DA16X->console/monitoring

Thanks for the reply though