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I have a Laney L5 Studio amp that has a XLR DI output. Can i use this output to connect to the AES/EBU input on the UFX audio interface. If so, do i need an AES/EBU cable for this or can i use a regular XLR cable?


Earthless Fri, 08/24/2018 - 11:34

Boswell, post: 458686, member: 29034 wrote: I would set +4dBu send level (rather than -30dBu) on the Laney and use an XLR(F) to TRS plug lead going into a TRS line input on the UFX. Doing it this way ensures that there is no chance of feeding +48V Phantom Power to the Laney by mistake, irrespective of the UFX's phantom power setting.

Hey, thats a really good idea. Thanks a lot (y)