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Guest Sun, 03/03/2002 - 13:00

These are better known in the UK.

I think UK band Blur have one in their project studio, I have a 2 ch pre EQ box (TLA EQ1) in my studio that is made from the same parts (I think) I like it for certain things.. like backing vox where I dial in a lot of grainy top end eq,

It is a transistor / valve hybrid desk.. - not TOTALLY valve in other words..

Anyone else?


anonymous Sun, 03/03/2002 - 13:15

Jules, Blur have the VTC console, which is in the $40,000 range.

The Tube Tracker is a small 8 track version based on the design on the VTC.

If the VTC had some automation, i would definitely want it...but TL Audio has told me that no automation works for it yet.

ProAudioDesign up in MA has a demo one you can go try out. In april i want to go thy that out and hopefully an Amek Media 51.

Back to the Tube Tracker, there is a review in a recent Sound-on-sound worth checking out. They said that the fan and lack of aux's kind of bring it's overall value down. But for 8 preamps, eq, and a small mixer, it's not a terrible value if you really need that sort of thing.