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Which mixer to use with SP404 for beat making setup


could anyone point me in the direction of the type of mixer I should use with an SP404 for a beatmaking/recording set up. I am after something reasonably cheap, doesn’t need heaps of inputs. 

I’m hoping to be able to use the mixer to record/mix a few more Mics into the SP404s mic in. I’m hoping to use this to have a few mics on the drums

Practice mixer

Hi guys,

I have an Alesis crimson ii, and use a Behringer 250watt amp. I have a small practice room in the garage and currently just using my smartphone to play backing tracks through, I am absolutely useless when it comes to technology -so do I need a mixer? It's just me drummin away so i wouldn't want anything too fancy but i think it could all sound better?

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Line ins before mic preamp on some mixers


I noticed that many mixers such as the Behringer hard wire their line inputs (without even a switch) in parallel with the mic input to the mic preamps. Yes, they do have a drop resistor but that's all. My concern is that the signal is being dropped and then amplified back up - thus adding another stage and more noise.

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Behringer X1222usb help

I recently purchased the Behringer X1222usb mixer and need some help. I run a podcast and cannot get audio from online videos to record to my daw. I can hear the audio coming through the mixer, and my mic signal is recorded fine. Is it possible with this mixer to record audio from both microphone and online video with this mixer?

Connecting two mixers help!

I have a 32 channel analog Behringer . I want to connect another recording mixer To the 32 channel. This sub mixer is to be connected to my desktop via usb. Is this possible? I am finding it hard to mono out from my live mixer to use live band and church service for our website because the sound is terrible. I want a separate audio track that is manageable and another channel for video.

My confusion with Mixer and Interface

Here's a design for the university project.
And I wanted to know do I make a connection to the interface and Mixer

Interface is Focusrite 18i20

Mixer Behringer Wing 48 channel mixer.

It's a rookie question.
But what's the best possible solution to it.

Does the PC type matter too?
Regards Norman.

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Help getting audio from mixer to computer

Hello everyone I need help figuring out the Yamaha MG124CX. So basically my Uni has a dj room and it has a microphone that I can connect into it (but not in to my macbook) and rca cable to aux. The mixer recognizes audio from the mic, and I can hear it on the speakers.

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