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I don't use Avid so I am somewhat clueless to their current integration with other systems . What is the difference between the Analog and Digital versions? No analog ins?

I have been offered an
Avid HD I/O 16X16 Digital in trade. Apparently brand new.

I am planning to sell this to some LUCKY Avid user (contact me).
In the mean time I'm also wondering what you do with this? Could I use it briefly to test the conversion quality?
I'm sure the answer is no, that I must need the core card and something to AD but thought to ask:

And if you want to use your interface with Pro Tools|HD and other DAW software, you can do that too, as all Pro Tools|HD systems support Core Audio and ASIO drivers.
Original Manufacturers Description

  • Can this be used as a stand alone DAC or anything useful to those who do not use Avid or do you need the Avid interface card and Pro Tools with it too?

  • If this is an indication of a fair market price,(Dead Link Removed)


kmetal Sat, 11/01/2014 - 20:04

I guess if you have some pres that have conversion options like some of the focusrite stuf? We use a digital mixer that has 3 8ch optional cards, which connects to the motu adat ins, so we would use something like this, where the board handles the conversion. Maybe somebody withe a lot of keyboards, or running a large setup wi two computers, maybe for music scores or something where one is just generating the sounds and sending digital stems to a capture? I dunno, I'm scratching my brain, it kinda hurts.

I guess the tru answer would be the person who used this is smart enough to know that avid is a lot of things, and conversion is not one that they do well?

kooz Sun, 11/02/2014 - 12:14

To answer your original question: someone who already has conversion. It would be an ideal way for me to squirt signal to/from my Mytek 8x192s into ProTools without Mytek's interface cards, firmware updates, etc. An easy upgrade: no workarounds, no recabling....

Another option for me is the Merging Technologies Horus, which is slightly more appealing

Audiofreek Wed, 11/05/2014 - 05:35

Really the difference between the digital version and the analog version is the input cards. Analog cards are almost twice as expensive as the digital ones, and you need the HDX or HD Native cards to interface this with an Avid approved computer. I use the 8x8x8, and bought another digital card to give me 16 i/o digitally and 8 i/o analog, you can daisy chain theses units together to give you as many i/o as you need. I think they work with the 192 computer interface cards as well.

Davedog Sat, 11/08/2014 - 09:56

Well, it is definitely an interface. Digital only. Post houses and live venues with digital mixers use these as a way to capture to PT. I have the Analog 16 and this ain't your grandpas converter. No indeedy These SOUND really good and the conversion is up there in the Antelope level. But it is a prioritized device. No analog. Like I said, you see them a LOT in large format live rigs to capture the nights performance to PT.