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I have a very nice spring reverb that I use between my guitar and my guitar amp. I would like to connect it to my studio patchbays and use it during mixdown.

It is a tube buffered be specific, a Dumblelator-type circuit with the reverb hard-wired into its effects loop.

My studio (Pro Tools HD, mixer, rack units) runs at +4 line level, so I have the impedance mis-match problem. So, I need:
(1) A Reamp type of unit on the input, to convert from low impedance to high impedance.
(2) A unit on the output, to convert back to low impedance and to amplify the signal back up to line level. Note: I may not need much amplification if any, since the unit has three level controls (main signal, effects loop send, and effects loop return).

I am looking for quality units, but I can't afford to spend a lot on gear that is dedicated to a single reverb. For example, I can't afford a high end preamp with DI to put on the output.

What two units would be good buys for this application?

Here's one combination I found:
- Radial J-Iso for input to reverb ($260)
- Radial J+4 for output from reverb ($200)


elbiciclista Mon, 05/16/2011 - 11:24

moonbaby, post: 371124 wrote: Go to the Radial website...they can fix you up. An RVMP to send the signal, an active J48 to return it. Plus, they double for all sorts of studio apps.

Well, I called the Radial tech guy this morning and the units I listed are the ones he recommended for my application.
The J+4 will provide the level increase I need, but it needs wall wart power to do this. There is no phantom power in this circuit for a unit like the J48.

I'm no expert on Radial units, and I just contacted them to see what would work.
There may well be better units from other companies for what I'm doing.