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I am in need of a new snare head and was wondering what would be the best for my playing style. I play pretty hard and do a lot of blast beats (which require a more sensitive head). I want something that is durable but doesn't sacrifice good sound and sensitivity. I was looking at the aquarian power house but it looks like its just a tank that pays no attention to sound or sensitivity. Let me know what you guys think would be best. Thanks.

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anonymous Wed, 10/19/2005 - 05:28

The drummer cafe is a great forum, check it out.

You will get many opinions on this.

Here's mine (I won't bore you by bragging about my "lofty" credentials, but I can keep a beat on a kit- let's put it that way)

The aquarian texture coating lasts longer than remos. Aquarian makes a good sounding head also- different than remo, but good sounding.

That being said, you want a durable head with good tone.

I like single plys for snare drum. An coated aquarian TCPD (texture coated power dot- dot is underneath batter) is a good head. If you are playing really fast, you aren't going to playing that hard anyways- so give it a try. Maybe get a "studio ring" dampener and chop it in half or even 1/4's to get the right amount of overtones for you!

Keep drummin'

anonymous Thu, 10/20/2005 - 07:43

Yep, I use moon gels all the time. I don't like them on snare drums though, they don't do as well on coated heads, better on clear heads and tom toms. And they are a royal rip off. Subsequently I do prefer moongels on tom toms than studio rings (which can get buzzy).

Here's a tip to make a moon gel last longer!!!!::::

Take a piece of saran wrap and cover the gel. Trim with a razor knife to the outline of the moongel as close as you can.