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I post for the first time on this forum
And i want to know some answers from you, which is best way to connect mixer compressor interface preamp for recording vocals?

I connected all this but i dont know is okay or not so my connection is this
Mic on the preamp from preamp balance out to interface line in from interface output to a mixer stereo channel and from mixer aux send to compressor input trs. All i want to know is the correct way or not. Thank you


pcrecord Wed, 05/24/2017 - 15:59

Thanks for the details.
I'm seriously wondering if the ISK is better than the Scarlett onboard preamp.
The scarlett doesn't have a strait to converter line in. So you are pluging a preamp in another preamp (at least a part of the circuit that is), which isn't ideal.
If I were you, I'd go by ears.
Try these and choose what sounds best :
Mic scarlett
Mic ISK Scarlet

You can find cleaner compresor ITB (in your DAW) so I wouldn't put it in the recorded signal chain.
Thing is, you could have spared yourself from having the mixer if you bought an interface with more than 2 outputs (to make a aux send to the compressor and back to the interface)

pcrecord Thu, 05/25/2017 - 04:56

Fidan Sylejmani, post: 450525, member: 50602 wrote: Can you tell me for another way to connect compressor to mix and signal of compressor send from mixer to sound card, how can i do that?

I'm not sure what you mean by ''Compressor to mix'' Do you want to do the mixing of the recorded tracks with the use of the compressor or is it compressor to mixer ?

There is many ways to plug your gear together.
What I'm always trying to do is to capture the best sound first.
Then I'll arange for hearing everything well to help the performance.

So You need to determin which of your preamps sounds the best ;

  • Those of the mixer
  • The Preamp ISK 2000
  • Or the preamp of the scarlett

Once you know, the signal of the chosen one should go to the interface (with the shortest route)

If you choose the ISK, I see that there is a balance output but a line out as well.
If both are active all the time, you could use the XLR to send the signal to the Scarlett and use the line out to send the signal to your mixer or the compressor (if you need it for monitoring purpose)
Honestly, we are talking low end equipment here, I would personnaly avoid to use the compressor and the mixer. You should be able to do nice recordings with the Scarlett alone.
But you never said what you do. I can understand that you want to use other Tools if you do live streaming.
But to record voice over or singing, the Scarlett is all good (not highend, but very fonctionnal)

Fidan Sylejmani Thu, 05/25/2017 - 05:22

First im sorry for my bed English
Everything i want to know is how to connect compressor to interface. But my interface have a one line output and line input or instrument on channel 2 that's mean can't connect compressor to interface directly ( line in/out)
So i want to connecting compressor to mixer and effect of compressor send to interface from mixer...
I hope to understand me

pcrecord Thu, 05/25/2017 - 06:15

The why is often more important than how, but have it your way !

First possible setup (without mixer):
Mic xlr to preamp xlr input
Preamp Xlr balance output to XLR compressor input
Compressor 1/4inch stereo (TRS) cable Output to input 2 of the Scarlett (Switch at line)
(Note ; your monitors can be plugged to the Scarlett outputs and make use of the internal realtime mixer OR you could send the outputs of the Scarlett to the mixer and plug your monitors to the mixer's output BUT, your should know that the mixer will change the sound and therefor you won't hear the clean sound out of the Scarlett...)

Second possible setup (worst setup possible) :
Mic xlr to preamp xlr input
Preamp Xlr balance output to XLR compressor input
Compressor XLR Output to XLR input of the mixer (keep gain down)
Mixer Aux send 1 1/4inch stereo (TRS) cable Output to input 2 of the Scarlett (Switch at line) (need to put aux level up on the mixer channel and Aux 1 master)

Again neither solution would be my choice because the mixer and the compressor will degrade the sound due to their poor quality. Using the Scarlett alone is a better option...


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