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I'm presently researching digital voice recorders and some Sennheiser clip-on mics to capture whispers and mumbles throughout the day. Ideally, I want capabilities to send to voicemail or a more competent service for transcription to text.

First, I need to narrow down product options that are capable of clearly capturing whispers and mumbles from my voice amidst a full range of background noise.

This is what I am searching for suggestions or experiential reflections.
What range of frequencies are whispers and mumbles, and what equipment would best handle this?


pcrecord Sun, 06/07/2015 - 18:01

The problem with low level voices or other sources is that if the level is lower than the ambient noises, there is no way to separate/isolate them.
The best solution is proximity. If you have a headset mic, very close to your mouth, the capture has better chance of getting more of your voice than the ambient noises.
Or you can by a recorder made exactly for transcripts.
Maybe something like this :…