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Hello, I'm a another ignorant noob with a question, but I promise one day I won't be a noob anymore.

I have a pair of Samson TS50 Tripod PA speaker Stands and I'd like to know if I can adjust the heads to place my pair of BEHRINGER Truth B2031A Studio Monitors.

The stands have standard 1-3/8 inch pole receptacles (to insert in the PA speakers) but my Monitors need a flat base to stand on. Is there some kind of adapter for the pole with a flat base? How can I do this? Should I bee doing this in the first place?

I rather not have to buy a pair of monitor stands If I can put these to use. Thanks a lot!

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anonymous Mon, 04/19/2010 - 21:59

Thanks for your response bouldersound. The problem is that my monitors don't have any kind of hole or screw, they have to be placed on a flat top stand. Also, the stands have pole receptacles that can't be screwed or unscrewed, they simply slide in the hole underneath the Samson PA speakers. That means that some kind of adapter can't be screwed on the pole but simply slide/placed on top of it, tightened by the weight of the monitors.

Am I making any sense, I'm not a native english speaker?

If there is such adapter, can you post a link please. I've had no luck on google. Thanks

Kapt.Krunch Tue, 04/20/2010 - 04:24

Alternately, if you really don't want to drill holes in the monitors, you could cut some 5/8" plywood (or perhaps nicer solid board) about the same size...or slightly the bottom of the speaker, and screw the board to the stand plate, and simply set the speakers on top. Maybe some rubberized padding to isolate them and keep them from slipping? Maybe even some velcro, if you are too concerned?

By the time you do all that, though,it may be just as cheap and good to find a bit of lumber, and have a friend with some power tools and a tape measure help you build some stands. Do you REALLY want to dance around the spread-out legs of those PA stands next to your desk everyday?


dvdhawk Tue, 04/20/2010 - 08:55

Hi manolox,

I'm not sure it's what you need - but it's what you asked for. I'd have to agree with KKrunch, the whole thing sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

Those mounts are primarily meant to adapt stage speakers, not studio monitors - but if you want to put your speakers on a stand you will have to either screw the plate on them - or as KKrunch suggests mount a piece of wood to the adaptor and then rig someway to keep your speakers from vibrating off. Don't forget that if there isn't anything but gravity holding the speakers on the stands, if you bump the speaker cable they'll slide right off. If you do use short screws into your monitors you will be hurting their resale value if you ever want to upgrade. And you will surely affect the speakers performance if you use long screws and penetrate clear through the bottom of the monitor.

Make sure you give this some thought before you do anything you'll regret.

anonymous Tue, 04/20/2010 - 11:44

Dvdhawk I think you're making some solid points there. I think I will screw a square piece of wood directly on the stand. A long screw that goes through the center of the wood and then through the tip of the stand pole. Then on top of the wood I can stick a piece of rubber or velcro to hold the monitor. This is a simple way and I won't be penetrating the monitors, only the tip of the stand. I will test to see if is stable enough first.

Thanks to all!