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Decisions, Decisions. Which one to buy as an outboard AD converter for location recording on a 24 bit DAT recorder?
Pros and Cons: (As I see it)

Apogee Pros
Transparent. 120dB Dynamic range. Has limiter. 1U rack mount.

Apogee Cons
Can't use both AD & DA connected on DA-45HR.

Hedd Pros
Transparent. Cool digital processing.
1U rack mount. Can connect both AD & DA to DA-45HR

Hedd Cons
No limiter. Can't find AD or DA dynamic range figures published.

n.b. the need for the safety of a limiter as I use a Millennia Media Mic Pre with large step gain settings (I know this can be changed but it means shipping it to the States & its in use too often for that)

Are there any other options I should consider for $3K max?
If you've used both I would value your subjective opinions on either unit.

I'm in remote Scotland...lots of converters here though.


Guest Fri, 03/08/2002 - 13:16

A while back I found the Hedd better as an AD and prefered the sound of My Apogee SE as a DA...

I think they both have that 'dual use' seperate A/D & D/A thing going. On the Apogee it's called 'confidence monitoring' - look into it.

You'd best try em out in the field and see which you prefer..

[url=(dead link removed)[/url] sells em both, with negotiation, Fletcher might let you take both units for a shootout!


anonymous Sun, 03/10/2002 - 11:07

Originally posted by Brad Blackwood:
If you haven't heard Apogee's 'soft limit', then I'd give it a listen before deciding it was worthwhile - I think it sounds like crap.

As for overall converter sound quality, the HEDD smokes the Apogee stuff. I did a shootout with the PSX-100SE and the HEDD-192 and there wasn't any comparison...

We bought the HEDD-192.

That's what we found too. Crane song kicks butt.