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I have an ISA 428 and am looking at getting the A/D card. Question is: will there still be zero latency monitoring when I go into a PreSonus firestudio via ADAT? Thanks.

Currently I run out of my 428 with XLR cables into the preamps.


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Cucco Fri, 03/28/2008 - 11:49

Hey Justin -
You're running the ISA 428 outputs to the Firestudio preamp inputs? Or the line inputs?

In any case, you're going to have some latency based on the fact that you're running the digital into the presonus then into the computer then back out. However, I believe you can set up a fold back mix in the software mixer and route these digital signals back out prior to getting to the DAW. You'll still have some latency, but very very minimal.

On the other hand, you can run the line outputs form the ISA 428 to a mixer and use that as your 0 latency mix along with the outputs of your DAW then record the lightpipe outs of your ISA into the DAW. This should work for a 0 latency mix.


J-MADD Fri, 03/28/2008 - 13:47


Thanks so much!!!

I think the adat in/analog in at the same time is exactly how to keep having no latency monitoring. And yes, I was running into the interface with XLR. I guess the line in's also go through the preamp in the firepod/firestudio's. This will bypass all of that and give better conversion as well!



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