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I've recently moved to Mongolia and most of my gear is in Canada. I'd like to be able to do a bit of hobby recording but don't want anything too big or expensive and am wondering if there is anything on the market that has both audio interface and headphone amplifier capability in one unit. It doesn't need to be great quality as I've got good stuff in Canada I can bring next time I visit. Looking for something to tide me over basically and right now budget is tight. Right now I'm jamming with four others from work but we have no PA. I've got a set of HP4s in Canada which are great if you already have an interface you can use with them. If nothing like this exists maybe I'll get another HP4 along with a cheap interface so that we can hear the vocals when jamming but so I can also do a bit of recording if I want. Hoping to keep it within $100 to $200 if possible. Any suggestions? BTW, I'll post this in the interface thread too since I'm not sure which thread might be most likely to give me the best answer. Just a heads up so you don't waste time looking at both if you see this one first. Thanks in advance.


kmetal Tue, 07/17/2018 - 19:44

not sure what this has to do with the great book in the thread title.... but a focusrite scarlett is a good interface. berringer makes the cheapest 8ch one i know of, but wont be as good quality-wise as the scarlett. you should get the book if you dont have it already, its the best investment t you'll make in your studio bar none.