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M-Audio Ear Buds

3 models and three prices

IE-10 - USD 129.95 MSRP
Professional Reference Earphones.

IE-20 XB - USD 249.95 MSRP
Professional Reference Earphones with Extended Bass.

IE-30 - USD 299.95 MSRP
Professional Reference Earphones with Dual-Driver Technology.

anyone had a chance to see and hear these thing ?
anyone used them live yet ?

any thoughts yet ?

I've think I have the Shure E3 as my basic go to units at the moment
but they are very expensive for me.
E3 Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones
Single Low Mass/High Energy drivers for high fidelity full-range sound and isolation from outside noise.

Could the above units could change things ?

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Kev Tue, 08/29/2006 - 21:58

yes the Sensaphonics 2-XS looks very cool
but for those with a bit more of a budget than I have

I can only find domestic Sennheiser Earbud product like
MX-400 and MX 500 In-Ear Headphones

The Sennheiser CX300-B Stereo Ear-Canal Headphones look fair but the wiring may be a little light for pro work

I can't find the IEM stuff as a seperate

cfaalm Wed, 08/30/2006 - 04:30

None of the earbuds work properly without the custom ear molds. Buds that won't let you use custom molds are nice for entertainment audio but useless on stage.

I use the Sennheiser IE3. The cabling is indeed a little light. After a few more gigs I can afford to upgrade. Those Sensaphonics look good. Pro quality in ear buds can cost even more than these.

The Shure E3 I found have better cabling and are better built than the Sennheiser IE3 (that came apart after 3 gigs). I decided to go with the Sennheisers nonetheless because I liked the sound better. There was nothing else better I could afford back then.

Affordable alternatives (though you can't escape the custom ear molds):
[=""]ultimate ears[/]="http://www.ultimate…"]ultimate ears[/]. We'd have to have someone who can vouch for those. I just recently discovered the brand.
[[url=http://="…"]Shure E4 - E5[/]="…"]Shure E4 - E5[/]

Kev Wed, 08/30/2006 - 17:40

custom molds
that's what I want the guys to do but it just won't happen yet

and it's no good for hire
and if I make the leap to purchase radio channels rather than stay wired ... I'll want to hire occasionally

Shure E3 is still high on the list

I did find the Ultimate Ears site a while ago and was directed there in a previous thread.
I haven't had contact with an Australian supplier and I fear they will be expensive.
Forefront Productions but haven't return an email yet ... and they are in a different state to me.

Thanks guys for the info so far
please do keep it comming

cfaalm Thu, 08/31/2006 - 03:12

In a music store in Germany they have the following prices in euros.

SF5 EB 215,00
SF5 Pro 248,00

So they'd be between the Shure E3 (159,00 EUR) and the E4 (278,00 EUR)

We played somewhere for and decided to devote our entire paycheck to custom molds. You have to know which set you are going to use because of the angles of the earpieces. I cannot use my molds with the Shure E3 without the earpieces sticking out too much. That looks real stupid too :wink:

anonymous Sun, 09/03/2006 - 18:51

Here is my take on this. As far as universal's, the Sennheiser IE-3 sounds the best (in my ear). However, The Sennheiser doesn't have an ear wrap for the cable and because of that it doesn't stay in.

For professional ears...

Don't get ultimate ears. The are plastic shells that have the custom piece glued to it. In time these two pieces seperate and it's a nightmare. Also, they have an adapter to allow for different lengths of cables... a good idea in theory, not so good the first time you pour water down your head and ruin your monitors.

Sensaphonics are molded around the electronics as a one piece unit and although they don't offer the cable options, it's a much more solid product.

Gotta run now, I like talking ears though, it's sort of my thing.



anonymous Sun, 10/15/2006 - 04:23

I am also using IEM technology for live purposes.

It serves me pretty well, although i am slowly buliding my mix.
SInce i am vokalist and guitarist it has been difficult, since i like the tone of my guitar from out of the speakers. but the voice tends to be overridden. So for some time now i have been using onyl one ear, the other one is open to listen to natural stage sound.
Which is not so very cool, because of the difference in the SPL.
Custom earmolds really gives you quietness and normal levels even if you are in a rock band :o

I got stucj because i am not satisfied with the sound of hte guitar in my IIEM's. I know i will not get the perfect sound, but still...
How do you cope with it?

Does it bother you as much as it bothers me, the difference in the sound between stage and IEM mix?

I am using dBTechnologies IEM 2200, but in mono modo along with my bassist. We are both in mono each on its own side. No interference no problems, never.

THe above problem is manily because of the headphones i use, i know. they are not bad, really they are not. Sony MXP-71 or something like that....
I ahve read some reviews that ut them along side of other shure models in lower price range, I think retail is around 100$.

A big step up woudl be the headphones you guys are talking about., but sadly i guess you really cant try them out before you buy, ha?

I heard that shure E-5 although expensive not the best buy?

And i do agree, custom earmolds are the only way to go.....

anonymous Sun, 10/22/2006 - 13:45

If your having trouble with your guitars masking your vocal, you should run it in stereo. Treat it as a studio mix, and it should help. One of the bands I work for on ears has a typical bass, drums, 2 guitar, 3 vocal setup (main & 2 backup). I mix them from a stage perspective and give everyone what they want, but keeping the perspective of them to the stage is key. Keep in mind that using IEM's will allow you to compress your vocals and use effects without the risk of feedback.

personally, I don't like the E5's at all. They are bulky and don't stay put very well. Custom is the way to go.


Kev Sun, 10/22/2006 - 23:23

BUT does the use of heavier compression on the vocals promote bad habits with Mic Technique

I had for the band to forget all the good stuff I have taught them with Mic usage

Custom Moulds is just not going to happen in the forseeable future and I don't think I'll bother with the E5's ... too expensive and half way to customs moulds.
Forget the Jaycar units above ... they didn't turn out so good

Shure E3's is still on the top of the list

thanks for the input so far