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word on the street is that my live-streaming sound is a bit thin, and could be improved.
Here's the sound,…
I'm singing through a Neumann U87, the guitar is through a AKG C3000. The Neumann goes via a Joemeek  VC3. Both mics go through a Yamaha MG10 mixer, using its internal reverb (plate setting) and eq, then out via the mixers USB into OBS running on Windows 10. In OBS there's a gain boost and the internal limiter.
Would the sound improve, get that hi-tech sheen, if I use something like a Foscurite Scarlett between the computer and mixer, or would the sound still be limited in quality by the weakest link (either the mixer or computer). Or perhaps a dedicate channel strip on the Neumann (which carries most of the sound), something with compression and eq, would improve the sound, and I could put the VC3 (which has compression and an exciter but no eq) onto the AKG to add presence to the guitar.
Your esteemed opinions would be gratefully received.


audiokid Wed, 06/30/2021 - 18:35
Re, needing bass: I only listened to you via my iPhone so this opinion can’t be trusted but from what I hear is simply put… “needing background bass in other instrumentation/music”. People that don’t have a big voice they can sound much better when their voice has bass instruments with it. Write music or sing songs that have bass lines, drums or other instruments/ backup vocals with bass. Your voice will sound much better. A bit of reverb or delay effect would be helpful too. Hope that helps.

pcrecord Wed, 08/04/2021 - 05:58

Hi Jathon ! 

I listened on cheap headphones, but what I noticed is that : 

  1. I hear a lot of noise before you start to play and sing
  2. Even if you seem to be close to the mics, it sounds like if you are far, like if the sound of another mic was grabbed and added a room sound. I know well the sound of a U87 and this is not it. Maybe to much compression and/or limiting it OBS makes the sound of your voice be grabbed more by the guitar mic.. ?? 
  3. You say there is some reverb, but I don't really hear it.. or is it also mono ? Anyway, more and or bigger reverb would help. 
  4. A scarlett between the mixer and computer ? well this make me think you are using the internal computer soundcard, so yes it can help for the noise and sound in general.. Unless you use the USB port of the mixer to transfer sound then it would come down to the quality of the mixer and its preamps. Guessing that for the same price, the mixer and an interface, the interface's preamps could be cleaner. 
  5. There is the aspect of gain staging.. if you're preamps gain to mixer channel level to OBS + dynamic plugins in OBS.. 

So this is some thinking and testing aspects I can think of.. 

Let me know !

audiokid Thu, 01/06/2022 - 02:47

I've kept wondering who it is that you remind me of and it finally came to me. Peter Gabriel, early days with Genesis.

I mention that, and post this example in hope that it inspires you. You are very unique and possibly with some polishing and solid direction,