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Hi. first ever post.
the guitarist/sound guy in my band recently bought a Midas F32 console, and is having trouble connecting it to Pro Tools via firewire.
his laptop is running 64bit Windows 10, and he's connecting via 6 to 6 pin firewire cable. the Midas Firewire Control Panel program will pick up the console intermittently but then lose it again, which leads me to assume that this is not a software problem, but that's just a guess.
if anybody has solved a similar problem, or needs more information to try to solve this one, all relevant replies appreciated!


audiokid Mon, 01/02/2017 - 18:06


Could be the Firewire interface on the laptop side. A good interface with current drivers is very important, especially on laptops.
Be sure to disable all firewall / antivirus protection! Keep the Laptop off line, make it only for audio and go from there. Laptops need to be optimized for audio and off the web during recording/mixing editing etc. At least until you get it smooth, free of things like this..

Firewire connections will often appear to be a security issue on computers. You can whitelist program/ software in the PC (forget the settings).
I'd start there, report back to let us know how this helps.

crossing fingers for you :)