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I recently purchased the Korg D 1600 and am just getting to know the machine. I was wondering what would be a good set of monitors for just starting out mostly just for playback right now something simple till I get used to the machine.

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Terry Cooperz Sat, 08/22/2020 - 15:42

I do mostly country/rock type music. My space is a 20'x20' that I have insulated with 2" thick styrofoam sheets then standered insulation and sheet rock walls and ceiling. I also have diffuser tiles ordered for the walls. Floor is concrete with just a indoor/outdoor carpet laid. Originally it was converted for a rehearsal space but not necessarily recording.
Right now I'm literally learning the machine as I go. I've got the manual and pretty detailed video. I understand recording is as much a art as playing guitar and right now I'm in the "Smoke on the Water" phase lol. So I guess budget would be 150 to 200 so I can start recording and be able to at least listen to what I've done and start learning the rest. Sorry for the long answer and any help/advice would be great

KurtFoster Sun, 08/23/2020 - 08:36

Makzimia, post: 465295, member: 48344 wrote: I would highly recommend something like the KRK Rockit 5 gen3 for that sort of price.

they're practically the new NS10 as an industry standard. you see the KRK Rockets in almost all studios these days.

Terry Cooperz, post: 465292, member: 52034 wrote: My space is a 20'x20'

how high is the ceiling?