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Hey everyone! My name is David, and I am totally obsessed with vinyl records, turntables, and record players. This love started when my grandfather showed me his favorite record player when I was young.

I just bought a PLX-500, and wow, I’m really impressed with the quality Pioneer offers at this price! It was super easy to set up, feels very sturdy, sounds amazing, and the pop-up light gives it a cool retro vibe from the '80s and early '90s.

I'm really happy with this turntable.

Can you guys recommend the best-wired speakers to pair with it? That would be super helpful.

I also have a blog about vinyl records and turntables, you can check it here. I’ll definitely post a positive review of my new turntable soon.

Here’s a photo of my new beauty. So, so happy! :D

Pioneer DJ PLX_500


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