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Hi folks,
I'm in the process of putting my home studio together, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting two-way communication between my Mackie 24*8 bus mixing board, and a Tascam US-16x08.
I have limited experience with mixing boards, but a friend sold me the Mackie for "an offer I couldn't refuse".
I have tried patching channels 1 and 2 out from the Tascam into numerous line ins on the Mackie, but not getting anything from my monitors (connected to the Control Room outs, which work as a standalone without the interface). Ideally I would like all 8 channels of the Tascam to be connected to the 8 buses of the Mackie, but I cannot figure out how to achieve this.
If anyone wants to give a newbie some advice, it would be greatly appreciated


dvdhawk Tue, 04/14/2015 - 19:42

Do you have a separate control room and tracking room?

If not, I'd start with the basic live stereo mix before you get into the more confusing "Flip" buttons and B-Mix options.

  • If your monitor system has unbalanced inputs, try using the ¼" Main Mix outs. If the monitors are balanced, I would connect to the Main XLR Outputs until you get the hang of it.
  • Plug the TRS outputs of the Tascam into the corresponding input (Balanced Line In TRS) channels of the Mackie. Preferably with balanced ¼" TRS cables.
  • If you use the ¼" inputs, press the Mic/Line button DOWN located by the input connectors to engage the ¼" input.
  • If you're using the XLR inputs, the Mic/Line button by the input connectors needs to be UP to engage the Mic connector.
  • Make sure you assign the channel(s) to go somewhere. L/R Mix would be easiest at this point.
  • Move the channel sliders and main L/R sliders so they are at Unity.
  • Set the Gain (Trim), and for this experiment - make sure the FLIP button beside the Trim Knob is UP, so you're listening to the channels, not the Tape Returns.
  • If you press the "Solo" button you can get a good visual on your levels on your meters.
  • The LEDs above the channel Solo buttons will light up when there is signal present.

I think that should get you started. If that goes well, then you can advance to the bonus round of "Hooking up the Buses and Tape Returns"

The Owners Manual is available online [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.mackie.c…"]HERE[/]="http://www.mackie.c…"]HERE[/]

Good luck!

dvdhawk Tue, 04/14/2015 - 19:58

The Control Room and ¼" Main Mix outputs are unbalanced TRS - so it shouldn't matter. The channels, Direct Outs, are true balanced TRS ins and outs. The manual will help.

The combination of buttons pressed can completely derail what you're doing. I have an 8-bus around here in storage that I used to use quite a bit. Mackie had provided a lot of capability, like doubling your inputs for mix down, and a live B-Mix, and clones of the output buses (which was pretty ambitious for an affordable board), but all the routing buttons can be confusing - or easily pressed accidentally.