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I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I have a template that a I saved for a simple environment for my (external) t.c multi effects unit that use to let me do things like change program settings, bypass the unit during automation from within logic. It always worked, then I moved out of state and just hooked everything up again. Same template but the external effects unit doesn't seem to be receiving the midi data and the transporter says No Midi activity. Note: the external t.c fx unit connects to my audio interface via S/PDIF, and that works fine with regard to bringing the effect signal into logic digitally. but no midi is going to it.

  • The external t.c unit I/O setting is set to receive on Midi channel 2.

  • All the objects in the environment are also pointing to that same channel (except the output which is AllChannels).
  • The multi Instrument object I'm using has the same banks presets, and Prog-control number (0) on the right top of the multi instruments drop down.
  • The button controls that I added in the environment still have the same control numbers to match the control numbers specified in the manual for the fx unit. none of that was changed.

Where else can I look to trouble shoot this? I setup a monitor object just before the output object and I see midi events when I click the bypass buttons controls for example, but my external unit doesn't respond when clicking the buttons, or setting fader changes.

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