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i'm new to this and need help. is it possible to connect ur mixer to the speakers using a snake cable? and do u require DI's ?


sheet Fri, 01/05/2007 - 07:56

If you have a powered mixer and you are wishing to connect your speakers to it via your snake, you can IF you have a snake with SPEAKER CABLE INTEGRATED like Rapco's Power series (a good beginner snake snake that won't break the bank). Most snake manufacturers make a similar version.

If you do NOT have a snake with speaker returns, then no.

If you have a snake with all line level sends and active speakers you can do that obviously. All you need are some turnarounds if you do not have returns.

moonbaby Fri, 01/05/2007 - 08:05

And to answer your other question regarding DI's, these are used to Direct Inject an instrument (like an electric guitar or a keyboard) with a High-Impedance 1/4" output to a mixer XLR mic input. Typically, these DI boxes are onstage, very close to the instrument, and then used to drive the signal down the SNAKE to the mixer. Does that help?

JoeH Fri, 01/05/2007 - 09:39

Unless you're in some kind of a jam or emergency hookup situation, it's really just NOT a good idea to send amp/speaker level down a garden-variety snake anyway. (exluding the snakes mentioned with specific speaker wire.) Most of the wiring is for balanced, line level gear and microphone use: twisted pair shielded stuff, and it's going to be less than ideal for handling heavier signals, etc.

You may also get cross talk back into your mic lines (if you're tracking and playing back at the same time), not to mention all the potential for trouble if someone accidently plugs an amp out (via an adapter or turn-around) into something important - like an expensive microphone. I would imagine there would be some strange loading on the output of the amp as well (trying to run a high-level signal down 100-1000 feet of mic cable instead of 12 guage speaker wire, etc.)

This is why you see dedicated equipment out there - the right tools for the right job: "Speakon" and other connectors specifically for speakers, heavier, non-shiedled twisted pair cable, in sturdier jacketing, etc. They all have two purposes: to do the job properly, and to prevent accidental miswiring.

You have enough to worry about getting the sound right. Don't add confusion and potential trouble by trying a shortcut down your mic snake. (You wouldn't use a screwdriver to hammer in nails, right? ;-) )