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Hello all,

I am working in a room that is about 12' x 12' and am trying to decide between Dynaudio BM6A and BM15A studio monitors.

I have heard the the 15A's have much more going on in the low end, which I like - I'm working on house/trance/electro type music and need some kick. However, I am concerned that they may be too big of a speaker for this size room. My other concern is that the BM6A doens't have enough going on in the low end. I'm looking to work without a sub if possible.

I forcast that I'll be living in apartments and working in bedroom size rooms for some time to come.. so I'd like to make the right decision

If anyone has experience with both the 15A and the 6A and can reply with comments/opinions I would appreciate it. :)


Kev Sat, 03/26/2005 - 15:29

the room is small
and square

I think you will just have to learn to deal with the room
and choose the speaker combination that will suite you when you move to a bigger room

not much help I know

being on the music you are it could be a trade off between annoying the neighbours and getting the emotion you need while tracking

anonymous Sat, 03/26/2005 - 16:51


I have a pretty average room, not square, but certainly not perfect. Its about 12 ft by 7 foot. But it's also got two walls not there yet...unfinished construction. So a lot of waves go flying out there solving a lot of my potential standing wave issues. Perhaps this case scenario isn't ideal for your info...but I am finishing the walls soon and adding traps. So could try to get back to you.

I have been using the BM15a's for two years in this room

Fantastic. Best translation I've ever experienced. Before this I had KRK's, before that Tannoy's, before that JBL's....have used Genelecs extensively at my old place of work in fully treated rooms :SAE college. I have never experienced mix translation as accurate as from my Dynes in my room.

Whether the large boys will be right for your small room? If you are buying for the future, which was my thinking with the 15as', then these might be ideal.. just not perfect for now. You can always dial the bass to tase with the cut dial...though not ideally... but for now it might work well for you.

If you know you are always goin gto be in small rooms...the 6a's would be more suited methinks. I can't speak from experience with them here...only from my teaching, and common sense :)

Good luck. PS: if you like it really loud occaisionally (or constantly, which wouldn't be advisable!) then the 15a's are your ticket... I side by sided the two when I bought....and by the gods the 15a's step this factor up many nothces :!:

TeddyG Sat, 03/26/2005 - 19:58

If you ever contemplate(Relatively soon?) doing more than stereo work, maybe the 6's now, for mains with the "sub", adjusted to just fill in the "missing though normal" bass. Later, add the 15's, as your new mains, with the sub(Now AS a sub), and the 6's as part of a surround system??? Or even as just another pair of speakers for mix comparison?

I understand your reluctance to do without a single "sub", perse, but, maybe for now it could work? Frankly it might work so well that the 15's may never be needed??? Unfortunately hard to say either way without using each for a time? The 15's are, at least, pretty large compared to the 6's(Not exactly "console toppers"...

Me? I'd get the 6a's now(I know they'd be pretty darned good all by themselves. Then, the sub later, if needed. Then, when I got wealthy, the 15a's, another 6(Or more) and make a very cool surround system... But that's just me......


anonymous Mon, 03/28/2005 - 08:51

Thanks for the advice guys. I've got the 15A's in the room right now and wow, they pack some serious punch. I've already gotten two noise complaints from a mixing session this past saturday night. I've got 30 days to evaluate these things and then decide between these or the 6A's. It is VERY unfortunate that I am not able to test out the 6A's in person without actually purchasing them.. I would love to do a side by side.

If anyone has experience with both of them and could let me know what the main differences are, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Is there really that much less low end with the 6's?

I think that both speakers are probably fairly loud.. would the 6's really solve the problem of annoying the neighbors and still deliver the full sound spectrum that I'm looking for?

Does anyone think that a pair of 6A's and a dynaudio sub would be a better system than the 15a's alone?

Thanks again!