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2 units used here - [=" Apogee[/]="http://www.apogeedi… Apogee[/] ensemble and [[url=http://="http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/]="http://www.Behringe… Behringer[/] pro 8 digi. They are connected ADAT digi, in out, out in. the WC's are connected and the pro 8 is set to ADAT in on slave. Here is where the first inconsistency appears from a lot of the online vids and tutorials I've watched - the pro 8 doesn't have a fire wire input, the only firewire conction in my entire system is made between the ensemble and the mac pro(note)lol.
So to what I've picked up, all the neccesery connections between the 2 units have been made, am I correct? It is obvious that a signal of some sort is passing between the 2 units, when I put a signal into a channel on the pro 8 a light flashes on that unit, aswell as the D2 light on the front of the Apogeeflashing.
This is when I go to the mixer screen in the ensemble tool screen, I've seen how this screen SHOULD look loads of times, with tracks 1-8 set to addat direct, track 9 stereo, then 10-18 analog direct. Here is where my 2'nd and most confusing inconsistency appears- my output screen only has 8 tracks in total? I have reset and refreshed connections routing and mixer, and still nothing?
I've also looked on Pro Tools hardware setup and the only pice of hardware that it can see is the ensemble, when I try and launch setup app it mearly takes me back to my Apogeemixer, still containing only 8 ADAT tracks and nothing spare?
This is a problem I've been trying to sort out for a long time now, and I cant find anything online that points me in an even remotely useful direction? If you've actually read all this, I'd like to thank you immensely. If you even have 1 answer or useful tip for me then. you're a true star!
All my best BSC Dave

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Boswell Fri, 08/17/2012 - 02:58

I've never used the Ensemble, so I can't give you any more than general suggestions. However, I think one thing you could try is a setup in Garageband using the native Apogee application Maestro to see whether that gives you the full input and output list list: 8 analog channels, two S/PDIF channels and 8 ADAT channels.

I'm assuming you want to use ProTools 10, but what I can't pick up from your post is whether the 8 channels that PT hardware setup shows you are the Ensemble's analog channels or its ADAT channels, and whether the channels that it shows you do actually record or play signals to/from PT. Does the Mixer screen give you all 18 channels? Is it just the Output screen that only shows 8 hardware channels? What does the Input screen show?