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hello...i recently bought unity the rocks which i think that they are excellent..i also threated my room.i'd like to add a sub in my set up.i need a sub with remote bypass option.i don't want to work all the time with the sub engaged.i also need tight,focused sound...there is only a small problem..i don't want to spend a lot money!:cool::cool::cool::cool:

i found a used Genelec 7060a for a great price.about 650$.it has fixed crossover at 85 hz,both hipass and lowpass filters.iam also considering a cheaper sub like maudio bx10 or samson r10.the rocks have a very good bass response (70hz-35khz +- 0.5 db).
could you please suggest me a nice sub (not more than 650$) ?do you think that Genelec is good sub?
the advantage of the maudio and samson is that they have variable you think that is better to use a ''cheaper'' sub but set the crossover frequency where i like (maybe at 60-65 hz) or Genelec 7060a with the fixed 85hz freq?

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Davedog Sun, 02/26/2012 - 21:24

That Genelec sub is a really good unit. Whether it integrates well with your system is entirely up to your room build. It does have bass roll-offs so you can adjust the amount of sub you're getting, as well as phase controls if you ever decide to run it with a 5.1 system. The Maudio as well as the Samson are toys in comparison. The cut-off frequencies of your mains and the fixed point of the sub (which has dip switches for 85hz or 120hz) will have little to do with the integration. Be aware that the Genelec goes down to 29hz as its natural resonance. These are built like a tank and sound wonderful. Thats a very decent price for something that will last as long as you might need it for.

musictech77 Thu, 03/01/2012 - 07:27

thanks for the advise... :)
i bought the genelec for about 500 euros.explain me please...does the phase controls affect my sound in my 2.1 system>?i don't want to use it for surround,only for stereo use.
i'd like also to tell me please which the proper settings of the following controls:
1-lfe sensivity
3-sum in

i ithink that those controls doesn't affect the sound of the 7060a if i use it in stereo but..i'd like to confirm this please...

i'd like also to tell me tips for the placement of this sub..thanks!! :)