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Over here in the UK, I can get the API 3124+ for the same price as a 6 space Lunchbox (inc PSU) and 2x 512C. At the moment, i'm not gonna need more than two of the pres, but it seems silly to get a lunchbox when i could have twice the amount of pres. Though I'd bet i'll want some API EQ in the future, so i keep looking at the lunchbox.

Anyone offer any help? I'd be using them as my main pre's as i want to avoid the ones on my wackie 8 bus and my MOTU interface.

Thanks all,


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anonymous Wed, 09/29/2004 - 19:04

Well, unless you're totally set on getting authentic API gear, you could look at the OSA stuff or Brent Averill. Both of them offer lunchboxes for cheaper than API (better build quality, too) and both of them offer good-looking and awesome-sounding API clone preamps to put into them - cheaper than API. I'm pretty certain you can fit a real API EQ into either of their lunchboxes, too.

AudioGaff Thu, 09/30/2004 - 00:01

The API 512 and 3124 are the same mic pre. If you need or want 4-API mic pre's then the 3124 is the best choice. If want less than 4 mic pre's or want to mix and match API and other modules that conform to the API pinout and rack configuration then get don't get the 3124. Or better yet, get the 3124 and the rack and fill the rack with other API and API clone type gear.

LittleDogAudio Thu, 09/30/2004 - 08:47

I have always regretted going cheap on gear that I thought I would need for the long-haul.

I have several 3124+'s and love them. I have never had any issues with API stuff and remember, resale value may be an issue in the future for you. API gear will hold that value better than any knock-off stuff. I'm not saying that OSA is in any way inferior in sound or quality but, it is unproven what the resale value is going to be.

Just something to think about.


anonymous Sat, 10/02/2004 - 08:17

What LittleDogAudio says has affected my rig as well. I know I can splurge on more 512c's for my rack and get a good amount of my cash back pretty quickly if things get rough. I hear really, really great things about OSA, but have never used any of their stuff. I do think supporting the little fish is important (especially when they make good stuff) but then, API's not exactly General Motors.

How about this from OSA's website:

"Any product purchased from OSA can be traded in on any other product of equal or greater value at full purchase price. A lifetime warranty is also included."

I don't think I've heard any mfgr. offer this, recording gear or otherwise. Somebody give this guy some business!!!

I record mostly rocknroll stuff, and API's my definite fave. Ideally, I'd like to have a mixture of all the API, BrentA and OSA modules. The three different OSA's are intriguing, too. Especially the Lundahl one. I know the term "kock off" wasn't meant to slag OSA or BA. I think in the case of OSA, they're more like tributes from an admirer. Don't know enough about BA to comment. Anyone used an OSA and an API? I'd love to hear a comparison.

BTW, OSA's apparently got some comps coming out that'll be lunchbox compliant...and I think quite a bit less expensive. (I think the 525 and 550...EQ and comp are a little under a grand each right now).

In answer to your question, I LOVE my lunchbox, and I don't regret not getting a 3124. One nice thing is that scraping together enough for another module happens for me a lot more often than enough for a 3124 or even for any other comparable non-module mic pre.


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