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We just got this 16 channel console for free from some church that was selling it for $20. looks like its from the 80s and made in japan. Not sure if it is good at all, we are going to mess around with it to do some recordings, but i was just curious if anyone had heard of it, or better yet, used one.

I saw one on ebay for $150, looks like they originally went for like $700+. Not sure.




moonbaby Wed, 03/30/2005 - 15:16

I used to sell those consoles in the 80's. We had LOADS of problems with them! They were marketed to compete with the Yamaha PM series boards,which we also sold, but were no competition. If I remember correctly, the big issues were:NOISE CITY, crappy EQ, and the strangest thing of all-microphonic control panel (!) when the gain controls were turned up. That's right,dude, you could crank up the input gain and physically tap on the console and you could hear it through whatever monitors were hooked up!
TOA was essentially the "Bogen" of Japan, and later on got their act together as a sound contractor's supplier, but these are to be avoided!


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