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HELP! I have a budget of about 2K for a mixer board. I need to put together a home recording studio and I only need the mixer board. I planning on buying a used Yamaha TF5. I'd love to be able to record and mix using the mixer capabilities. Ideas? advice?  


audiokid Tue, 02/15/2022 - 15:10

You are welcome! Let us know what you decide on or any other questions you may have. 

Before you make a solid choice, check out StudioLive software called Capture. Makes recording super easy. Might be perfect for you. 

Yamaha is always a solid choice.  Are you only looking for a "controller" no  preamps? 

How many channels do you need?

kmetal Wed, 02/16/2022 - 17:42

For digital the behringer x32 is a great option. 32 channel conversion and hui control. For on the cheap a Mackie D8B (digital 8 bus) is a great console.

On analog the soundcraft ghost is a standard low cost option. Also tascam makes some nice old boards with transformer coupled inputs. They also make a full size console with full analog eq on every channel and motorized faders. I forget the model but it sounds good, and my buddy got one for 500$.