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kmetal Fri, 04/15/2016 - 05:37

Lol the thing is, I see many more people shelling out cash for this, than learning mic technique, and gain staging. Ive personally been dissatisfied using the shortest, highest quality, cable available. I can hear the demonstration, and what this cable does, I just would get the effect somewhere else. My concern would be with long term reliability and repeatability, cables take a beating, and I'd rather it do its job and stay relaibly out of the way.

$100 seems like a lot for a cable with a tone pot inline. Lol I wonder if it's canare or monster, with switchtcraft or neutrik connections, with gaskets and excellent strain relief. Or if it's a bargain bin generic.

It's an interesting concept, but I think Eric Valantine is capitalising on snake oil, and myth. He failed to mention how long that 'expensive' cable was, which is what determines the capacitance of the cable sonically, all other things equal. I wish people of prominence in the industry would stop trying to sucker in people with gimmicks, and adress real issues and solutions, at the same price point. If this product sells 10 thousand of these cables, it generates a million dollars. This isn't the only questionable product this guy shills either. A nice set of tuners to keep that tele in tune for more than 2 takes, paired with a standard cable, would much likely be a far more substantial improvement to a record.

Just to be clear lol, I didn't get the vibe you were recommending this product. It is cool because it sparks ideas. Add an interface adda, headphone pre, and wifi chip, and this thing flies to the moon! Lol I'm going to go hang some egg crates in the wall, and stack some mattresses to soundproof my studio, which I use to track drums with an Mxl condenser microphone.