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Universal Audio 710 vs Focusrite ISA

In this video I compare the 2 preamps on toms, bass (DI), guitar and vocal.

MicParts S87 : https://microphone-…

Let me know what you think ! ;)


Davedog Wed, 03/24/2021 - 00:48

I like those mics!

As always, a lot of fun.

I thought the UA had more mojo on everything. The ISA was cleaner and I have found that the magic in the ISA is the HPF. That's where I get all my good stuff with mine.

I think the tube side of the 710 was more inviting for the kind of material I make here but NONE of the settings were in any way unusable. A very good starting point with all of it.

If I were a novice setting up a studio and wanted or needed four channels either one of these preamps would easily work for any style or genre of music.