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Just a question: Can you use a Intel Celeron CPU on a DAW? If not, why. ?
Anyone that have tried it ?
Thankfull for all input.


MisterBlue Thu, 10/16/2003 - 21:16

As much as I know the Celerons only have half of the cache (256kB instead of 512kB) but are otherwise exactly the same chips as P4's. This makes sense as it gives Intel a way of selling chips that are perfectly fine except for having a defect in one half of the memory. Good money for a chip that didn't pass the final test and would otherwise be scrap!
As fast cache is also a key factor in determining the speed of a processor which explains that the Celeron has a lower performance than a P4.

But to really answer Tore's question:
The Celeron should work just fine, but don't expect the performance of a P4 at the same speed. I don't know how much lower the performance is but I guess 30% is in the range.

If you happen to have one just use it and see how well it works. If you are thinking about buying one to save a couple of bucks - forget it! Spend a few dollars more and get the real deal (or even better, get a higher performing AthlonXP for the same money).

Just my opinion (plus some speculation).


mjones4th wrote: IIRC, the Celeron lacks the SSE instruction set. Somebody correct me if i'm wrong. What this means is that those programs that use SSE will lose performance on a Celeron.


Actually i will correct you - Celeron's do have SSE instruction set

like my Celeron N2830 (2014) 2.16Ghz  has SSE1, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1 and SSE4.2 

other instruction are MMX, EM64T, VT-x

If i get a DAW i will inform (actually i am finding a DAW that works for my celeron if it works i will surely inform)