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The data wheel and right cursor button on my (3rd hand) 02r aren't working properly.
Both are intermittent. Very troubling when trying to change values!
Other buttons are ok, some are better than others.

I tried re-initializing but still the same.

Can someone advise me or direct me to some help?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



anonymous Tue, 05/04/2004 - 05:07


Your 02R might need servicing. I have had mine fixed two years ago, but it still happens once in a while. Unfortunately, they don't last forever. What you can do to spot what the problem is, is to run diagnostics.

-Turn off the 02R
-Press and hold (if this is still possible) the right arrow together with the SEL button above the Red Stereo fader. While you do this, turn the 02R back on.

It will check how the whole console reacts and let you know if there might be more problems.

Good luck!

Steve Jones Sun, 05/09/2004 - 00:22

The tact switches are easy to replace, they are a common type available everywhere, note that the 02R top hinges forward, don't forget to take out the row of 4 screws across the front of the unit below the lip, and don't remove the large screw on either side at the front, they are the hinge screws. When you take out the side and rear screws keep them laid out in order as some are machine thread and some tapping thread.

You cannot swing the top all the way up without unplugging wires, so have a drum stick handy as a prop for the top panel when it is raised.

You can then unscrew the circuit board then and replace switches and pots etc.

The rotary encoder is available from Yamaha as a spare part, so to replace the switches and encoder you only need a short Phillips head screwdriver and a soldering iron and solder and some de-soldering braid. Probably a good idea to replace the CR level pot while you are in there.

Stabb Mon, 06/21/2004 - 16:44

How to unplug circuit board ribbon cables

Hi People!
I finally got the parts in from Yamaha and have my 02r open.
I've gotten to the point where I have unscrewed the rotary encoder circuit board.
Attached to it are 2 ribbon cables.
I am afraid to yank them.
Can anyone tell me the best way to unplug these cables?



anonymous Sat, 05/26/2007 - 07:33

To follow up more on the replacement of the encoder wheel (large wheel):

Actually there's only one ribbon cable going to the small encoder board.
This ribblon cable has three conductors. Unfortunately, there are no connectors on this ribbon cable. It needs to be desoldered.

Follow the cable over to the adjacent board and desolder it from this board. Also, you can push internally to pop off the plastic encoder wheel.
Once this is done, you can get at the nut that holds down the small encoder wheel..

Another note: You can buy the encoder individually, or buy the encoder wheel PCB. Buying the small board is smarter, but more expensive.
The encoder is $6 verses $34 for the PCB.

Be careful!
If you have not got there already, the best way to do this work is to carefully remove the ribbon cables to allow the top control cover to flip entirely onto its face. The ribbon cables do not have connectors, but do have release locks that allow the wires to be cinched down.

Pull these release locks up and it will allow for the ribbon cable removal.
Remember to mark the the cables for location and orientation.


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