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Hi, I'm totally new to this game so please bear with me if I ask redundant questions. I've just started work on my first album (dance-techno) and have not been too satisfied with the quality of the vocal tracks.

What pluginscan I use to make the vocals more "funky"? I've fiddled around with Antares Autotune and like the mettalic effect it gives to vocals. Can certainly use that for a couple of my songs. What other plugins(PC-based) along the lines of Autotune can I use to spice up the vocal tracks?

Any and all feedback will be really helpful. Thanks.



Alécio Costa Fri, 07/18/2003 - 17:41

Use Amp Farm to make some nice distorted industrial style .
Use the AM quality preset of Waves Q10 in conjunction with an AMP FARM... I did this and one of the songs of the album I produced is being radioplayed intensely.

Do not stay only in the Autotune world. Cher and a hundred other producers have already beat that horse to death.

UncleBob58 Mon, 07/21/2003 - 08:33

Try putting them through some of the soft synths that are out there. I've had some luck with Indigo. You can also try using multiple sends to a ring modulator on one return, a flange on another, etc and blending the results to taste. The vocal formanting in Digital Performer has also yielded some very interesting results for me.

Uncle Bob