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Run & Gun audio when making video is very different than working in a recording studio

Its been way too long since I've been here.  The new forum looks great.  I have settled in to my new business of creating videos for clients and my business needs to become a client as well:) So I've started a youtube channel about all nerd things video👍

The first video I put out is here.  I'd love to hear what others are doing to get good audio when making videos.  It is such a different world than the recording studio. 


audiokid Sun, 09/19/2021 - 20:09

Hey Paul, excellent to see you here and see what you are up to! Glad you like the new site. It was a lot of work (still in progress)

Your video work and this video is just excellent. Very informative (WELL DONE!).

I prefer the Lav over the CAD. The CAD has more presence but I suspect you could add EQ to the Lav to get it brighter? It sounds like it would take EQ well.

You are more than welcome to add your studio in our new services https://recording.o…. Google loves this format.

Please make yourself at home. Anything I can do to help your business grow, just ask.