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Hi everyone!

I need mics to record my drumkit into my FF800.
As I was looking for some ideas, I have found this kit which seems not bad at all and in my price range!
the ElectroVoice-PL-DK7-Drum-Mic-Pack

I like the RE20 and believe that Electro-Voice is a brand I can trust, BUT, today everybody is launching his own drums kit which can be cheap on sound and quality.

Is there someone who has tried them?


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RemyRAD Fri, 10/24/2008 - 20:08

I like Electro-Voice but then, I like most all microphones. You're right, everybody is coming out with a drum set pack. And all sound reasonable. As reasonable as your drum set sounds and your engineering chops can deliver. But then when you think about it, you really only need 2 good microphones. One for the bass drum and one for the snare drum. So do you have an RE 20? If you do? You certainly don't need a drum set pack. You don't always need microphones on the toms. You need them for the PA system. But you don't necessarily need them for the recording. And overheads don't always need to be overhead. They can be under the cymbals and off of the sides of the toms. People just don't always get the difference between doing PA & making a recording. Especially since many folks like myself, who specialize in live recordings, frequently have to split microphones & share them with the PA system. But because of the proliferation of compact multitrack recorders, what I'm describing is old-school. And no, I'm not making as many live rock-and-roll recordings as I used to. Especially since any kid can plug an HD 24 into their Beringer. And then they wonder why their recordings don't sound like good recordings. You don't get what you don't pay for.

If you have an RE 20? I'd just recommend a Sennheiser MD421 for snare drum. And a handful of highly affordable & inexpensive Russian or Chinese small capsule condenser Mike's. If you're going to put those on toms I also recommend that the microphones have pads so their electronics don't flake out. Not the same as the pads on your console/preamps. The general you can get away without pads on the microphones on the overheads. Unless you're into death metal? Or is that deaf metal ?

Give me real music or give me death
Ms. Remy Ann David

jazzo Sun, 10/26/2008 - 06:04

Hi Remy, thanks for the advice (and sorry for double post...)

You're right, for recording I could do with 2 great mics on snare and kick drum and deal with other mics for toms and overhead.
I already have done some experiences like that ( recording my drumset with 2 Neumann KM83... sounds great to my ears )

The thing is that I'm little short of money right now and need to record all my drumset for projects, so I thought this kit could be a good solution for me because it's EV. and it can sounds good. That's why I'm asking for feedback.
But I guess you're right, I'm not doing "live" session but recording. Mix of good skills and good mics, good drums, good drummer...

(You know, I think I know what I'm doing even if I don't have high end gear for the moment. I'm doing with what I have in hands but I always trying to make it good. I know the value of a good enginner and what miracles he can do! and a Neve too! I wish I'll be a good one, one day)